Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, Cream Tea for One - Nov. 14/2010

What do you do when you can have tea for 2 or more?
One of my favorite indulgences - Cream Tea for one!

Scones, whipped real cream and homemade strawberry-vanilla jam (scrape a vanilla pod and add it to the end of the cooking time for your jam - I use the low sugar kind of pectin).

Another reason why this was such a special tea,... I was brewing my last cuppa Strawberry-Vanilla-Rose tea. I got it on sale at the Bulk Barn.  Who knew it was discontinued!  I have been on the hunt for it since then or, tried to make it myself from the ingredients.  No luck since.

Another favorite Sunday tradition for me - watching 'The Street'. 
 It is on the CBC from 7:30am to 10am (a week's worth of programming at once!
People who really know me, know not to bother me at this time.

Zambra Mora Wokshop - Nov. 13/2010

-Went for a great workshop at Arabesque in Toronto (see link below); then off to visit my friend Trish and to get a Festive Special at her fav. Swiss Chalet in Richmond Hill.


Flamenco/Bellydance with Anjelica Scannura

The fusion of Bellydance and Flamenco that we know today is called Zambra Mora,after the flamenco music developed by Sabicas. Zambra Mora has the same proud posture of Flamenco, floreos (isolated wrists rotations), heavy travel steps and some characteristic turns. From Arabic dance, Zambra Mora borrows undulations, shimmies and hip and chest circles.